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  • Uptown Comedy Corner, Atlanta, GA

  • Atlanta Comedy Theater, Atlanta, GA

  • The Laughing Skull, Atlanta, GA  

  • The Atlanta Improv, Atlanta, GA 

  • The Punchline Comedy Club, Atlanta, GA 

  • The Village Theatre, Atlanta, GA                   

  • Comedy Union, Los Angeles, CA

  • Ha Ha Comedy Club, Los Angeles, CA

  • JSpot, Los Angeles, CA

  • The Palm, Los Angeles, CA

​"Be free from the good opinions of others." ~Dr. Wayne Dyer​​


LaShawn is a sort of a Renaissance woman her personal mantra is "I'm Mother Fuckin' Tired. " She is self-proclaimed overachiever who is experiencing underachiever results, but she keeps grinding. She is a licensed cosmetologist, has a B.A., M.S., and was in the dissertation phase of her doctoral studies until she ran out of money. She is a veteran (retired) of the U.S. Army with over 20 years of active and reserve military service. One might think that LaShawn has Jamaican blood because when she has so many jobs.  When she is not performing she is an underpaid government worker, motivational speaker, independent consultant for Bedroom Kandi, and sexuality coach.

LaShawn believes that you have to laugh to keep from crying; for that reason, she brings her frustration with her unfulfilling job, social media, dating men who don't want to get old, and life in general to the stage because can't keep a psychiatrist. Since the release of her book entitled, Side Chicks Unite, LLC  people think that she encourages side chickism or that she is a side chick whisperer and that is not her ministry. She has been branded as a Petty Goddess a moniker she embraces because she's been petty since 1993 and quiet as it's kept she was petty when petty wasn't cool. Her brand of comedy is honest, witty, in-your-face, and relatable to the audience.​ LaShawn has toured with Comedian Hope Flood on her Females Comics Rock tour and performed in comedy clubs, sports bar, churches, and auditoriums.

LaShawn loves to write (sometimes) she wrote a training manual for educators entitled, "Multicultural Education: Educators Guide to Teaching Diversity."  She is working diligently (not really) on several writing projects. She wrote a screenplay "Family - We All We Got!" She has written and co-written a few sitcoms...nothing you have seen, yet. Her first fictional novel Side Chicks Unite, LLC was released March 2016. As a motivational speaker she wrote an e-book entitled, "Passion Principles: 7 Steps to Igniting Your Passion" that she uses to inspire individuals to live fearless, get out of their comfort zones, so they can live their best life!

Whew! After reading all this, I hope you understand why LaShawn is Mother Fuckin' tired! But join her on this journey and support some of her projects, if the Lord moves your heart to do so. 

Wishing you love and light,